Search Engine Optimization

Site Stats on WordPress

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) produces results that you can see.  If MTK Designs built your website, then you will have site statistics (photo to the Left) turned on upon starting your SEO campaign.  The point of SEO is to build an audience in the hopes of making more sales.  Sometimes SEO is super effective, depending on your business, and other times, Social Media Marketing is more effective.  Talk to your MTK Designs Tech about what is the best option for your business.

MTK Designs offers the following benefits:

  • Work with any budget – You name your budget and we will work with it so you have a chance to see growth before spending a ton of cash
  • Optional Blogging regularly to keep web surfers up to date
  • Email Marketing to keep customers informed on what is going on in your business
  • Google Analytic s for further information (Site stats for WordPress Users)
  • Vertical Search Engine Submissions
  • and so much more.

Structure of SEO

MTK Designs really focuses on the data of the website and what will work best to keep the site at the top of all the major Search Engines.  Our team explores your keywords and finds ways of making sure your business has the keywords necessary to grow the campaign.  SEO is never guaranteed to bring in business, the premise of SEO is to earn top spots on major Search Engines so your customers can find you before they find anyone else.  In some industries, customers don’t really bother with the website, they call based on print advertisements, word-of-mouth or social media marketing.  Unfortunately there is no way to tell, but MTK Designs makes sure to do a ton of research during the first month to ensure a successful campaign.  This is the only way we can tell how the keywords do and whether there is a need for the SEO campaign to continue.  Take a moment and call MTK Designs today to see if your company could be successful with an active Search Engine Optimization Account.